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Over the years, we’ve got so used to our clients and others turning to us for help and support with things that are absolutely nothing to do with our core business, that we decided to give the capability a name – and Commercial Concierge was born.

Basically, it can – and has – covered the minor, the major, the different, the non-core, the odd-ball, the unusual and the unexpected. You name it, we’ve probably heard it ... and we’ve had a few ‘been there, done that’ moments too!

We’ve sourced and made connections – and initiated enquiries and investigations; we’ve managed unusual assignments – and we’ve helped to handle crises and emergencies.

The key to what we can do is that AGO’s network is extremely wide – and international – but most importantly, so is Adrian’s black book. These are contacts which have been systematically built up over forty years and they reach every level.

Of course, we are 100%+ professional about how we go about things – and necessarily what we do is both secure and discreet – oh, and it’s not free!

We work on the basis that we might have an answer, information or an option already – but if we don’t, we are very likely to know who or where to go to!

As the saying goes: if the cap fits we'll wear it ... and if doesn't, we’ll say so!




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